Vmware OVF manifest error

We created the OVA using ESXI 5.5, hardware version 10

When we imported this OVA in ESXI 6.0 ( Vcenter 6.0) , we had no issues however;

But while importing the same OVA in ESXI 6.0 (Vcenter 6.5), we got the OVF manifest error.

We tried generating the OVA using ESXI 6.0, hardware version 11 ( using both Vcenter 6.0 and 6.5) - But while importing that OVA on ESXI 6.0 (Vcenter 6.5) , we got the error -  Invalid template

- We are stuck now - we dont know how to fix this issue

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Which vSpehre Clients did you use in the mentioned cases?

The Windows Client, Web Client (Flash based), Web Cleint (HTML5)? In case you used the HTML5 client, please see whether the issue is the same with the Flash based client.

Which vCenter Server 6.5 build do you currently use?

In case this is for internal use only, you may try to unpack the OVA, delete the .mf file, and then try the import.


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