Securing VMware Workstation Open Ports TCP 902, 912

Hi all,

I observed that the following ports are open in VMware Workstation 12+ in Windows (e.g. Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 10):

  • TCP 0:0:0:0:902 [vmware-authd.exe]
  • TCP 0:0:0:0:912 [vmware-authd.exe]

Due to organisation policy, we have to close the above ports. I understand that vmware-authd.exe is the VMware Authorization Service used in place of an Administrator account to start and access the guest virtual machines. Disabling this service will render the VMs unable to start.

May I know if there is any documentation that describes the use of ports 902 and 912, and how to disable them?

Thank you.

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