DISA Member server 2016 STIGs affecting vCenter services from starting.

Morning all,

I am having an issue with the DISA 2016 member server STIGs preventing the vCenter server (6.7)  from being able to boot up properly.   After the initial install, I was able to log in fine, add my hosts and licenses,etc.  After a reboot,  I noticed that I was unable to get the web interface to come up and kept getting a 503 error.  Troubleshooting revealed that about half of the services for vCenter were not starting including vPostgres and the webclient service. I began to suspect the STIG's so I temporarily disabled the GPO's associated with the member server and rebooted.  Sure enough, the vCenter server booted back up no problem and I was able to get into it.   So, here is the question.  What within the STIG GPO's could be causing the services from starting?   I read something in the knowledge base pointing to having to allow certain things to log in as a service or as a batch job under User rights assignment.   Anybody have any suggestions?   Thanks!

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