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Compliance and Storage Network Isolation

I have two tenants in a multitenant environment that access the same iSCSI array.  The iSCSI array has a limitation in that can only use one IP address on one vLAN.  the result of this is that using this array means sharing a vLAN between two tenants, even though it is a non-routed vLAN dedicated to iSCSI.  (ESXi vmkernel adapters from HA clusters in both tenants connect to the same iSCSI array).  Tenant A has no special compliance requirements, but Tenant B does.   The LUNs in the storage array are mapped only to the appropriate IPs for the appropriate ESXi servers in the respective environments to access. But will sharing this vLAN among iSCSI vmkernel ports in both tenants mean that Tenant B will be non-compliant with respect to a standard such as HIPAA?  The vmkernel ports would be in the same broadcast domain.

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