ThinApp SDK: Perform silent AppSync

ThinApp SDK: Perform silent AppSync

I've seen a number of requests to add a "silent" switch to the ThinApp  AppSync.exe utility. Well, a completely silent AppSync can be performed  using the ThinApp SDK. This script takes the name of a ThinApp primary  data container and a URL as parameters, just like the AppSync.exe  utility. It will perform an update (if there's an update available), the  only feedback is via its exit code:

0 - Package was updated
1 - No update available
2 - Error occured

Since this is based on the ThinApp SDK you'll obviously need  ThinAppSDK.dll/ThinAppSDKSrvr.exe present and registered (using  regsvr32) on the system.

It shouldn't be difficult to extend this sample to run AppSync on a whole directory (or directory tree) of virtual apps.

License:  do whatever you like with it, but don't blame me or VMware. More formally: VMware Contributed Sample Code.pdf

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