Миграция виртуальной машины

Коллеги добрый день! При миграции включенной  виртуальной машины с Dell R640 на Dell R430 возникает такакя ошибка. В другую сторону все работает. Я так понимаю из-за разных процессоров? А как обойти данную проблему?

The target host does not support the virtual machine's current hardware requirements.

Use a cluster with Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC) enabled to create a uniform set of CPU features across the cluster, or use per-VM EVC for a consistent set of CPU features for a virtual machine and allow the virtual machine to be moved to a host capable of supporting that set of CPU features. See KB article 1003212 for cluster EVC information.





XSAVES (save supervisor states) is unsupported.

XSAVEC (save extended states in compact format) is unsupported.

XSAVE of Protection Key Register User State (PKRU) is unsupported.

XSAVE of ZMM registers ZMM16-ZMM31 is unsupported (ZMM_Hi16).

XSAVE of high 256 bits of ZMM registers ZMM0-ZMM15 is unsupported (ZMM_Hi256).

XSAVE of opmask registers k0-k7 is unsupported.

Protection Keys For User-mode Pages (PKU) is not supported.

AVX-512 Vector Length Extensions (AVX512VL) are unsupported.

Advanced Vector Extensions 512 Byte and Word Instructions (AVX512BW) are unsupported.

Advanced Vector Extensions 512 Confict Detection (AVX512CD) are unsupported.

Cache line write back (CLWB) is unsupported.

Optimized version of clflush (CLFLUSHOPT) is unsupported.

Advanced Vector Extensions 512 Doubleword and Quadword (AVX512DQ) are unsupported.

Advanced Vector Extensions 512 Foundation (AVX512F) are unsupported.

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Оказалось все просто надо включить поддержку EVC. Так как у меня минимальный процессор Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2620 v4, я выбрал Broadwell. Миграция виртуальной машины заработала. Все спасибо, что заходили и только читали.


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