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Community Manager

Platfrom improvements for 11/10/2020

Some improvements today:

  1. Reduced the size of elements on the Category Summary lists

   2. Added icons on the discussion lists

   3. Reduced the font size by one font on all elements on threads.

   4. Enhanced the thread post/reply area:

  • Reduced white space around the replies
  • Reduced font size
  • Removed arrow and reduced font size of Replies Header
  • Boxed the replies and styled them with darker box, and indent improvements

   5. Upgraded Navigation element on Coffee Houses (Communities), users can see all sections with new navigation element that indicates sub-sections as well as expand collapse sub-sections.

   6. Increased number of items on the category summary page from 10 -> 20

We like the new navigation element the best, but also working to reduce size and increase density. Many Khoros platform objects came very large and it has take some work to slowly reduce size.  Many Khoros communities are very large font,  and we now run this on Khoros's SAS cloud offering.    This has resulted in better performance globally and we expect as new indexing load declines, we will seen even better performance.


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