Using Photon on vCloud Air

This document will be a resource page for things I've discovered doing a production project using

vCloud Air with Photon.

Things you must do:

  0. Install photon on a VM in your virtual datacenter.

     - The media is in the default category, so you don't need to upload the photon.iso

     - You need  install by mounting the .iso image on the CDROM,  so you can't setup a vApp, you must

        just deploy a VM generically, boot it without an OS, then mount the CDROM, where you can choose the photon.iso

  1. Enabling networking

      - Because vCloud Air doesn't have tools for photon, it can't automatically setup the network, you need to do this manually.

      - Here is a ifconfig command that does the trick, you will need to put in your own assigned IP address for the VM

            ifconfig eth0 netmask broadcast

      - Define a default route:

            ip route add default vial

   2. Define NAT rules for a public IP address

         - You first have to request a Public IP address that you can then use and route traffic to your VM from that public address

               vCloud Air has a tab, for network configuration of your VM. Click on network tab for your virtual datacenter,  then click on the

               blue box that displays limited network information. The blue box is a "button" that takes you to a complete multi-tab page showing you lots of

              network information that can be configured for your virtual datacenter. NAT rules & public IP addresses.

         - Once you have a public IP address,  you must make 2 NAT rules:

             snat  -> from your pubic IP address to your private IP address

             dnat -> from your private address to your public IP address      (just put in both addresses, that's all you have to do)

    3. Define a firewall rule to allow traffic to flow from your private IP addresses to your public IP addresses.


           - make a rule that allows all traffic on all ports.  Without this rule, no traffic will flow, and this can be frustrating to debug

     4. Enable root access for SSHD to allow root to login to the machine

          - This is where I'm stuck, you are supposed to be able to do:

     edit -> /etc/ssh/sshd_config to uncomment the following line:

                     #PermitRootLogin yes

              Restart the SSH daemon with systemctl.

    5. I will update the list as I build out a vDat with 50 photons running. 😃

This is what I know so far,  my photon is up and running, but I'm locked out of ssh as root,  the systemctl command hangs.

Here is a good blog, if you get this far that might help:


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