The link to the Photon microsite in the FAQ (here and in the PDF) is broken:

Thanks, I fixed it.  I believe we have this document open to edit, so anyone can add/fix things.  Please feel free to add FAQ questions/answers to this document!



With my older Mac Pro Intel Core i5 2.4 GHz, with a pretty slow drive, I see 34 seconds for install time on Micro.  That's pretty good. 


I think we should probably just point to this existing Photon FAQ Frequently Asked Questions · vmware/photon Wiki · GitHub which is being actively maintained instead of creating a separate one.

Q. What is Project Photon? A. Project Photon is an open source, Linux container host runtime optimized for VMware vSphere®. Project Photon is extensible, lightweight, and supports the most common container formats including Docker, Rocket and Garden. Project Photon includes a small footprint, yum-compatible, package-based lifecycle management system, and can support an rpm-ostree image-based system versioning. When used with development tools and environments such as VMware Fusion®, VMware Workstation™, HashiCorp (Vagrant and Atlas) and a production runtime environment (vSphere, VMware vCloud® Air™), Plex App Lucky Patcher App Kodi App Project Photon allows seamless migration of containers-based Apps from development to production.

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