Photon OS - Stops responding to ARP requests

Hi All,

I am running Photon OS in a ESXi 6.5 virtual machine.

I am running Photon OS 3.0, and yesterday I did the security update required.

Unfortunately, since then, none of my containers are accessible over IP.

I have narrowed it down, to, Photon OS not sending out ARP replies, for IP addresses within its docker networks.

I am running several macvlan interfaces, eth0, eth2, and eth3. Each of these do not have an IP address assigned, but, are in the correct VLAN for my requirements.

I cannot connect to the services running within the container from outside of the container.

I can do an apt-get update, and ping out of the container to the rest of the world.

When I have performed a network activity on the container, and thus, an arp entry exists for my container on the external switch, I can then connect to it from outside of the container.

Doing a tcpdump on the docker interface, hosting that container, shows, I am seeing ARP requests, but no ARP replies are being sent.

Does anyone have any advise on this please?



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