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ovftool unable to verify a certificate

Using OVFTool 4.4.1.

When building a signed ova package, or trying to use the validation function, the tool always returns the following informational text:

"Source is signed but could not verify certificate (possibly self-signed)"

certificate is not self-signed and everything is installed on the system where it should be able to verify the certificate.

Would like to know why it returns this message.  Certificate validates with other tools and checks.

Is this a bug where in only ever returns this statement?   No issues that I can find otherwise.  Google searching seams to imply that everyone gets this and no one is asking why.


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Same issue - looking for details on how ovftool is checking OVF/OVA SSL cert ?

My case is OVA with signed cert from external CA. CA trust chain certs are properly installed on target vcenter which find signed OVA as valid when importing from GUI. However same operation with ovftool is raising warning message mentioned in this post.

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