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ovftool not passing properties when uploading to Cloud Director 10.1.2

I have build a small vAPP with vSphere, leveraging the OVF environment to pass some configuration properties to the OS so that it self configures at first boot.
It's based on this William Lam blog entry  : The OS has a small script that uses

vmtoolsd --cmd "info-get guestinfo.ovfenv"

to fecth the ovf environment.

When I import this ova/ovf in vSphere (6.7/7.0) it works like a charm. This is an example cli I'm using:

ovftool.exe --name=000.vm.WORKER-002 --datastore=INF-BG-01-000-VCD01-01 --net:pg399-DAAS-2601=LoadTest-38daafca-66b0-4bbf-938d-ba9b9fd50637 --vmFolder=TEST
--powerOn --prop:"network.auto"="True"
--prop:"network.nm"="16" --prop:"network.ip"=""
--prop:"services.httpd"="False" --prop:"services.firewalld"="True" --prop:"network.dns"=""
--prop:"guestinfo.domain"="test.local" --prop:"guestinfo.nickname"="WORKER-002"
--prop:"services.sshd"="True" --prop:"network.gw"=""
K:\Cloud Director\template\dummy-prototype.ova

--> works perfectly, the guest OS of the VM can fetch the ovfenv and can self configure at first boot with the props passed on the ovftool command line.

Enters Cloud Director 10.1: I tryed to upload the same ova to a vAPP org, this is the equivalent command line, that apparently works until the vAPP is powered on:

ovftool.exe --name=000.vm.TRY-099 --datastore=INF-BG-01-000-VCD01-01 --net:VM Network=LoadTest --vmFolder=TEST
--powerOn --prop:"network.auto"="False"
--prop:"network.nm"="16" --prop:"network.ip"=""
--prop:"services.httpd"="False" --prop:"services.firewalld"="True" --prop:"network.dns"=""
--prop:"guestinfo.domain"="test.local" --prop:"guestinfo.nickname"="TRY-099"
--prop:"services.sshd"="True" --prop:"network.gw"=""
K:\Cloud Director\template\dummy-prototype3.ova vcloud://loadtest:******@vcloud.domain:443?org=LoadTest&vdc=LoadTest&vapp=LoadTest

--> the deployment is OK then I get this error as soon as the VM is powered on

start vApp "000.vm.TRY-099". - com.vmware.ssdc.util.LMException:
Unable to start vApp "000.vm.TRY-099". -
Unable to start vApp "000.vm.TRY-099". -
Invalid vApp properties:

Argument '' not a valid IP address.,
Argument '' not a valid IP address.,
Argument '' not a valid IP address..

If I go to the VM inside the vAPP and check its guest properties, all the "props" I passed to the VM are missing... only the props that have default values are filled.. with the default values,
NOT with the values on the ovftool command line.


I have 3 IP address values into the properties, and all 3 are empty because in the ova they have NO default value. This is basically the error that stops the VM from powering on.

I have made some tests with a modified ovf that has default values for the ip and the VM starts correctly. I checked inside and vmtoolsd actually reads the ovfenv, including the specific vcloud keys:

BUT, the values I pass to ovftools are not there.


Am I missing something about ovftools with vcd?


I noticed that the custom values are lost also when I import the ova to the vCenter and THEN I import the VM in a vAPP from vCenter to vCD




Using ovftools 4.4 on Windows 2016 (tryed both manually and via powershell script) and vCD 10.1.2


I'd appreciate some suggestions on how to debug this! Thanks



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