OVFTOOL Deployment - syntax determination problem

I have a vApp which consists of an OVF file and three VMDK files, one for each VM. All VMDK files are co-resident with the OVF file.

NOTE: This vApp deploys successfully from vSphere 4.0 client.

I am attempting to deploy the vApp using OVFTOOL. However, I am unable to derive the proper OVFTOOL syntax.

  • Potentially pertinent facts: Datacenter is clustered; OVF to be deployed has multiple VMs, OVFTOOL version is 1.0.0

Using the command below, when the vApp already exists, produces a "specified parameter" error as shown.

  • ovftool --acceptAllEulas --datastore=(dsid)
    --net:"HOST-A Network 1"=VMNET2 --net:"HOST-B Network 1"=VMNET2 --net:"HOST-C Network 1"=VMNET2
    appliance.ovf vi://(VSERVER)/(DATACENTER)/vm/(FOLDER)/(vAPP)

Opening OVF source: appliance.ovf
Warning: No manifest file
Please enter login information for target vi://VSERVER/
Username: DOMAIN
Password: *********
Opening VI target: vi://DOMAIN
- A specified parameter was not correct.

Using the same command as above, when the vApp does not already exist, produces a "does not refer to an object" error.

Error: Locator does not refer to an object: vi://DOMAIN

However, if I change the command to deploy to a target "folder", an error message appears, indicating a "wrong kind of object" error:

  • ovftool --acceptAllEulas --datastore=(dsid)
    --net:"HOST-A Network 1"=VMNET2 --net:"HOST-B Network 1"=VMNET2 --net:"HOST-C Network 1"=VMNET2
    appliance.ovf vi://(VSERVER)/(DATACENTER)/vm/(FOLDER)

Error: Found wrong kind of object (Folder)

Assuming my first syntax is the correct one, the " - A specified parameter was not correct. (/p) folder" message throws me. It seems inappropriate to the command.

I've tried several variations but no luck so far. I'm not seeing anything specific in the documentation as far as special handling in the cases of deployment of multiple-VM OVFs or deployment to clusters. I tried looking at the commands with the debug parameters "--X:logToConsole --X:logLevel=trivial" , but saw nothing immediately helpful (to me anyway :P).

What should my expected target be for this... vApp or folder? Should the vApp exist, or not? Am I missing something else entirely?

thanks for any input,


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