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Not recognizing the same OVF files, and not founding disks


I got two .ovf file from two ova. They are excatly the same but one is made by ovftool and other one is made by myself(meaning disks converted to vmdk format by qemu-img command, mf file is made by sha256sum, ovf is made by help of a script and finally a tar file is made by use of tar command and --format ustar. Better to mention they archived in order of ovf, mf, disks and iso file).

so what is the problem? The ova which is made in by me doesn't recognize disk file (disk [name of disk] not found).

If some one could compare these two xml files and tell me the main different which makes on to be imported and the other not, he would be a life saver.

vm-33805 is mine and the other is from ovftool.


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