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Attempting to deploy .OVA from fileserver to ESXi host and/or vSphere cluster

I am attempting to determine an easy method to deploy .OVA templates for quick provisioning/deployment of VM's.

I have built VM baselines using a development vSphere cluster and exported the VM to .OVA using vSphere client. Those .OVA files reside on a Linux fileserver with ovftool installed on the system and network access to future ESXi and/or vSphere clusters.

Is it possible to 'deploy' the .OVA template from the Linux fileserver directly to a remote ESXi host's datastore and/or vSphere cluster datastore? I cant get it to work.

My OVA file:

[root@centos_lab1 u0]# ls -lha

total 5.9G

drwxr-xr-x.  3 root root 4.0K Jun 28 08:48 .

dr-xr-xr-x. 24 root root 4.0K Jun 25 11:30 ..

-rw-r--r--   1 root root 5.9G Jun 24 10:01 test.ova

Attempting to deploy to ESXi host:

[root@centos_lab1 u0]# ovftool test.ova vi://root:test123@

Opening OVA source: test.ova

Opening VI target: vi://root@

Error: No target datastore specified. Possible completions:






Completed with errors

[root@centos_lab1 u0]# ovftool test.ova vi://root:test123@

Opening OVA source: test.ova

Error: Locator does not refer to an object: vi://root@

Completed with errors

Any idea what I am doing wrong here? Is what I am trying to do even possible with ovftool?

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Use -ds option of ovftool to specify the datastore for example.

ovftool -ds=iSCSI-Equallogic test.ova vi://root:test123@