Start a new VM causes the other VM to lost packet

I started 1 VM and connect a VMNic to it. Everything is fine. I use an external machine (outside VM) to ping it without getting any loss packet. 

Then I connect a 2nd VM to the same port group. The ping starts to get loss packet. The loss packet message is from the 2nd VM (although I am pinging the 1st VM).

How could the ping to the first VM ends up getting response from the second VM?

I use static IP for configuration.

Any suggestion what is wrong?

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Try to check:

- any duplicate MAC address

- bandwidth utilization

Then post here VM and hypervisor network performance charts (under VM -> performance and under single esxi host -> performance). The things that could be relevant is what's happens when you start 2nd VM... Please capture all of these informations and post here.

For any further informations check

vSphere 5.5 Documentation Center



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