Ports and bandwidth needed for Essentials Plus and 3 severs

I have Essentials Plus with the following hardware

3 IBM servers 2 built in copper  GbE 1000 ports and 2 10bE SFP+ Ports per server

1 Synology RS3412 Storage NAS with 8 4TB Hard Drives with 4 10/1000 ports and 2 10GbE SFP+ Ports

1 Juniper EX3300 24 port 100/1000 switch with 4 10GbE SFP+ Ports

I planned on using the 4 SFP+ 10GbE ports on the Juniper switch in a VLAN connecting the 3 IBM servers and the Synology NAS Together.

That leaves me two 100/1000 ports on each of the IBM servers.   One used for network access, and the other for VMotion?

Do I need to add additional 100/1000 ports on the IBM servers for additional bandwidth or other services such as management of High Availabilty?  Does VMotion need to combine two 1000 ports for higher bandwidth?

thanks for any advice!

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