ESXi corrupted?


My ex-colleague installed an ESXi under free license and had been running well for 2 years. Last week, we couldn't login into vSphere after a hard reboot. I went to Direct Console and it was showing an IP that doesn't belong to our network. I corrected the IP and managed to login to vSphere. To my dismay, all the settings are gone. Luckily, I managed to create the VMs from my VMDK (over network in another h/w using FreeNAS).


My VM's network doesn't seem to work properly. Attached are my setup.


1. Am I supposed to set the MAC Address manually? When I leave it Automatic, it seems to give a MAC that doesn't exist in my adaptor.

2. Any suggestion why my network is unstable? Is it due to settings or it is more likely to be corrupted VMWare / faulty hardware?

I appreciate any help / suggestion.

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Are you able to post some more details of which adapters got what IP address etc??

Are you able to determine whether the IP was DHCP provisioned (the new one that you noticed)?

Normally you should leave the MAC addresses to be automatic if you know what is what in your setup.

Can you  confirm on the esxi host using 'esxcli network nic list' that all NICs on your host are as expected, have go the right MAC addresses etc?

What else has changed in your setup has anybody swiched the cables or something?



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