ESXi 4.1.0 HP DL385 G7 update question

Dear Community,

We have 10 HP DL385 Servers, and we have to update both ESXi and the HP firmware. Naturally we would like to go to ESXi 5.5 u2 or the ESXi6, and the latest firmware.

Should we upgrade the OS or the Firmware first? What would be the least time consuming way?

Many thanks in advance!

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if you also use the vCenter you have to first update it before you update the esx server.

Dl385 g7 is supported up to esxi 6.0:

VMware Compatibility Guide: System Search

if this is a productive environment i would not update to 6.0. there are still a lot of bugs. i would go with 5.5

i would first update the esxi software and then update the firmware...

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I would recommend to download latest ESXi 5.5 version [OR] Use HP OEM Image (based on your customer policies)

ESXi 5.5 Express Patch 62015-02-05


You can first plan for firmware upgrade - and download HP Customized ESXi 5.5 image which covers all latest drivers

HP and VMware’s infrastructure as a service solution | HP® Official Site

This will help you to perform clean upgrade.

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