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NSX Advanced Load Balancer and Workspace One Access Integration

Anyone run into this yet?  Attempting to get this working https://avinetworks.com/docs/latest/configuring-saml-with-workspace-one-for-avi/ however when finishing the configuration, and attempting to log in through WS1A i'm directed to my AVI controller but continue to get the 'you've been logged off' message and when attempting to login again, I get an error page.  Seems to be linked to all the redirecting going on as when redirected to AVI https://myaviserver/sso/login page I get the error page stating page isn't working and to clear cookies, which I've done many times, rebooted both AVI controller and WS1A server as well

Nate Hudson
Senior Staff Solutions Engineer
vExpert, VMware
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No, but I would also like to know because I'm experiencing a similar issue in my environment.

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