Running a VirtualBox VM on ESXi

For an inter-organizational project, one of our users needs to run a VirtualBox VM.

Since he can't run it on his laptop because Hyper-V is enabled, he asked if he could run it inside a VM on our vSphere platform.

We could run the VM directly in vSphere but it doesn't need outside network access, only vm-to-host connectivity (host-only network) and has a fixed ip address so that would mean giving it network access and changing the IP address which I'd rather not do.

But running VirtualBox inside an ESXi VM requires to enable "Expose hardware assisted virtualization to the guest OS" for that VM.

If we enable this setting on that VM, are there any implications for the rest of our environment?

We will do it in a non-production cluster for now but I'd rather know if there are risks or known issues.


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