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Dashboard creation from Management Pack objects


Very new to vRealize and was hoping to achieve a project that I was sent over with this.  I need to create a Dashboard that contains statuses of our monitored infrastructure devices.  These are monitored from several various monitoring tools.  I was thinking on creating a Management Pack that would pull in the Device Name|Status from the monitoring applications.  But, need to know, is it possible to build a Dashboard with the results of the Management Pack?

If so, where can I get details on how to create a Dashboard?  Or, is there another way besides needing to create a Management Pack that I can make the API calls?

Thanks for any help on this, much appreciated.




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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hi Tom,

Do your monitoring tools have REST APIs? If so, you should try using Management Pack Builder to build a management pack that collects the Status data from them. If you can provide the details of the various monitoring tools, I can help you figure out whether Management Pack Builder would work with them.

Assuming Management Pack Builder works, you could then install your new management pack in vRealize Operations and configure an adapter instance. Then, you can create new dashboards directly in vRealize Operations to visualize the new objects and metrics. See:


Feel free to email mp-builder-dev@vmware.com for more assistance.

Best regards,


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