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create a tunnel to linux guest

using vmware workstation 15.5.2 on windows and having a ubuntu linux guest

all operations are possible - but I am not system/network skilled, but database administrator..

i use mobaxterm to connect to this guest and execute all I need

I am running a db2 database at this guest

now I want to implement jupyter, that uses a db connection but this ubuntu is a server and has no browser/graphical interface installed

I need todo this from my windows host and windows browser

I implemented all soft as needed and configured in guest

it is indicated to start the jupyter notebook - but you need ssh tunnel todo this

the local application in server "ubuntu" is listening on port 8888

I want to start a browser on my windows host to this server/port to open jupyter

there are so many pages with ssh tunnels for mobaxterm, by they need a ssh server/jump host

is this also needed for vmware guests ?

any link to a doc that could help me to connect from browser to guest because I need to execute in browser something similar to


and this would need to establish a connection to my guest on port 8888

I verified the LISTEN status=ok and ping from windows host=ok

thanks for all update/help

best regards, Guy Przytula

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