VMPlayer boot error msg - 'waiting for mandatory devices - eth1'


WINDOWS 10, V1709  - 64 BIT - Dell laptop

VMPlayer - 6.0.7

I've been wrestling with an issue for a couple of days...upgraded Windows 10 to 1709 and lost my eth0 connection... After a few

tries to reestablish the connection, it magically came back after my latest reboot. However, wouldn't you know it... I'm now getting a different msg.
showing up during the startup, in the section SETTING UP (localfs) NETWORK INTERFACES...

it shows up immediately following the eth0 connection being made...
and is as follows  'waiting for mandatory devices - eth1' .
I have no idea what this means since I have never seen it before, but I do know, I am functional once
again since the issue with eth0 apparently has been resolved... However I'd like to resolve this error msg.

Anyone have any ideas ?  Bear in mind I am a network rookie.....  thanks

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I should have included VMPlayer is running on a guest Linux os under Windows 10.

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