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Needed Centos 1907 image iso for VMware

I could not find the centos 1907 image iso for VMware, i have tried searching for it in the following link, but could not find.

Index of /centos/7/isos/x86_64


I would specifcally require 1907 image build of centos.(Could not go with any other equivalent for 1907 because  1907 qcow image installs OKD in OpenStack but the same builds iso is not availabe in centos mirros for trying in vmware.). Please share the link to download the 1907 vmware image iso.

One more query is .Is it possible to use qcow2 image in VMware.

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VMware Employee


Looks like the only two formats in which 1907 exists is qcow2 and vhd.

You best chance is to download the VHD format and convert it to VMDK to run it on VMware vSphere - Here are the tools that will help you with that - https://www.vladan.fr/free-tools-to-convert-vhd-into-vmdk-and-vice-versa/

And no, qcow2 will not run on VMware.

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the Centos 7 (1907) version is not among the officially downloadable versions from the site:

Download - CentOS Wiki



Blog: https://www.aleadmin.it/
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VMware Employee

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