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Linux kernel configuration for VMware


I'm running Gentoo Linux under VMware Player 15. I would like to ask information on custom kernel configuration for optimal performance as a VMware guest. First of all, I guess I should enable "Processor type and features / Linux guest support". Then, entering into the "Linux guest support" submenu, I would like to ask if I should enable any of the followings settings:

  • Enable paravirtualization code
  • Paravirtualization layer for spinlocks
  • Xen guest support
  • KVM Guest support (including kvmclock)
  • Paravirtual steal time accounting
  • Jailhouse non-root cell support

Please let me also know if there are any other important settings to enable specifically for VMware (apart from "VMWARE_BALLOON", "VMWARE_PVSCSI", "VMWARE_VMCI", "VMWARE_VMCI_VSOCKETS", "VMXNET3" which I already know).


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You should not need to add any of the paravirtualized kernel options as they are for VMware but either Xen or KVM. I use a stock gentoo kernel when I virtualize gentoo. You will want to install open-vm-tools package in addition to the VMware specific drivers you already mentioned. If those other settings are required by the VMware drivers they would have automatically been selected.

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