Incorrect certificates in virtual Ubuntu within VMWare

How do I correct the security certifications within my virtual Ubuntu?  States, did not connect, security issue.  Certificate not recognized.


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Incorrect certificate below:


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Thanks for that screenshot.

It's not a VM problem, VMware does not meddle with certificates.

Instead you have an application installed on your host called "CovenantEyes proxy" and that one does Man In The Middle your internet traffic and provide its own certificates to your applications.

You don't notice that on your host, because it also installs a CA certificate behind your back.

As the Linux VM doesn't have that CA certificate it complains.

I don't know your environment, but I do know that this type of security product is not enhancing your security as it can override certificates for every website.

My suggestion would be to get rid of that proxy, but it might be mandated by your IT administrator to have it installed so they can check your traffic and protect you against malware etc.. entering your computer.

If you can't get rid of the proxy due to company policy then the solution is to install the CA certificate in your guest (Ask your IT staff)



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