Why is everyone talking about virtualization

Why is everyone talking about virtualization

Many times i dont understand why everyone talks about virtualization? Why everyone is so much care about virtualization ?

Every one talks only about Pros/Advantages of it. No one things what is it brigning to the table along with advantages.

So lets discuss, why one should not implement virtualization

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May be no one understands its power.

The idea is really good.... But you should cite references and sources of inspiration while posting it.. Anyways.. You are inviting everyone for a brainstorming session may be..

Nice one..

Lets start..

I think we should do it.. cos .. umm .. may be we cant afford many physical machines.. e.g. i need to use linux (many flavours), windows Smiley Sad on a single machine.. as i cant afford n machines to run n OS.. i think virtualization is good option..

Please let others comment and then if required you can reply them... :smileysilly:

I think everyone should use Virtualization as because of its advantages are much more compare to its disadvantages[which will be solved in coming days within short time].

If you are agree on doing virtualization on a point that it can run multiple OS on single machine then you need to answer on followings

1. Which virtualization vendor to choose?

2. Need extra expertise in field of virtualization ?

3. Vendor will tell you the addtional feature. you agree on it. he will give you long list of what new hardware you need, what kind of licencing you need, the cost associated with each features, maintenance and lots of ect stuffs.

at the end you find yourself in forest of virtualization where there is no way out !!!!

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