Who knows Virtualization?

Who knows Virtualization?

Every days each company comes with new idea on Virtualization. Every day we see new product in market. Each company tells that they superior than their competitors, whom should we belive. we end up in doing PoC with different vendors, wasting our time, money and resourses. At the end we come to conclusion that *What is thier in Virtualization

Most organizations start with a simple server virtualization project: It lowers application and administrative costs and makes better use of existing resources. That success leads to another virtualization project, followed by another and yet another. Eventually, virtual server sprawl overwhelms system administrators, IT governance and service management breaks down, and so many people are scrambling to move virtual resources around that deployment times slip and the benefits disappear.

Building virtualization into your data center strategy from the bottom up-from planning to management to reporting and control-brings virtual resources under the same strategic umbrella as physical resources, putting you in the position to benefit most from virtualization.

That's why it's time to rethink virtualization as a business strategy, not just an IT tactic. That means rethinking virtualization on three levels:

  • Infrastructure barriers

  • Applications and and IT operations management

  • Client architectures


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