When will VMware support my new OS?

When will VMware support my new OS?

With Apple's OS X Lion announcement yesterday, I was quickly reminded of a situation that plays out in the forums at least a few times a year. With each and every new OS release from any company, the forums quickly fill up with the inevitable "When will VMware support my new OS" discussions. In the table below, 7 Ubuntu releases are shown with their respective release dates and when the OS was supported in both VMware ESX(i) and VMware Workstation. The Ubuntu release dates were obtained from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases and the VMware support information was obtained from the VMware HCL.

Release DateWorkstation Support - Guest
Workstation Support - HostESX(i) SupportDays Wait
Ubuntu 10.1010/10/201003/29/2011 (7.1.4)N/A11/15/2010 (4.1)37, 171
Ubuntu 9.1010/29/200901/29/2010 (7.0.1)01/29/2010 (7.0.1)11/18/2009 (4.0 U1)21, 93
Ubuntu 9.0404/23/200908/20/2009 (6.5.3)10/26/2009 (7.0)06/30/2009 (3.5 U4)69, 120, 187
Ubuntu 8.1010/30/200803/31/2009 (6.5.2)10/26/2009 (7.0)03/30/2009 (3.5 U4)152,153,362
Ubuntu 8.0404/24/200809/23/2008 (6.5)09/23/2008 (6.5)08/08/2008 (3.0.3)107, 153
Ubuntu 7.1010/18/200703/14/2008 (6.0.3)09/23/2008 (6.5)04/10/2008 (3.5 U1)149, 176, 194
Ubuntu 7.0404/19/200709/19/2007 (6.0.1)05/09/2007 (6.0)07/31/2007 (3.0.2)21, 104, 154

As you can see, the wait for support varies anywhere from 21 to 362 days.  This averages out to approximately 135 days.  There are obviously quite a few variables involved here, especially when you consider VMware's own product launches and their timing.  When you think about everything that has to go into the development, testing, training, documentation, etc involved to support an OS, it is staggering.  The bottom line is that there will almost always certainly be a wait involved for the latest guest operating systems to be supported. As for the duration of the wait, the often used phrase "it depends" definitely applies here.

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