Virtualizion Performance – Into the details

Virtualizion Performance – Into the details

The performance team at VMware publishes a lot of great technical papers covering the performance of our products. As an occasional author of one of these whitepapers, it is always nice to know that I am helping our customers to understand and get the best performance from our products. However, the whitepapers often represent only the key points from a large set of data and experiences that I collected over the course of a project. I intend to use this blog to share interesting data and useful tips that may be too detailed for a whitepaper, but which I feel are worth sharing.

I recently published a whitepaper which looks at the performance of enterprise Java applications on vSphere 4.1. I am going to use the next few installments of this blog to dive into some of the details that didn't make it into the paper. I also invite my readers to ask questions about the paper, either in comments or through a private message, and I will try to answer them in future posts. I am also the author of a vSphere performance-troubleshooting paper, and I would welcome questions about that document as well.

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