VMware vSphere 5 patch release 9/13

VMware vSphere 5 patch release 9/13

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VMware has made available a patch release for vSphere 5 today ( 9/13).

This patch release contains bug fixes as well as a tools-light update for integration with the vShield endpoint driver.

Bug Fixes:

  • When you are u
  • sing ESXi with EMC VMAX, if storage-based hardware acceleration is enabled for vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI), Storage vMotion and cloning operations might take longer to complete than when using software (host) data copy causing performance degradation.
  • When two or more CIM VIBs that support WS-Management (WSMAN) are installed on an ESXi system, the openwsman init script deletes the contents of the openwsman.conf file, and the Openwsman service stops running.
  • On an ESXi system, lspci or vmkvsitools lspci commands might fail with a core dump.
  • When you create a snapshot of a virtual machine followed by a hot-plug operation and you revert the virtual machine to the states of the snapshot before the hot-plug operation, the virtual machine's .vmx configuration file might become corrupted. For more information about the issue, see KB 2005740.
  • If vShield Endpoint driver is installed in a virtual machine and you create a snapshot of the virtual machine, a file open operation that follows the snapshot operation might take a long time to complete (upto 2 minutes). Files are not scanned when this issue occurs, making the virtual machine vulnerable. 

tools-light update:

This patch updates the tools-light VIB to integrate the vShield Endpoint driver with VMware Tools. If VMware Tools is installed in the complete mode or if the vShield driver is selected under VMCI in the custom mode, the vsepflt.sys file is installed in the virtual machine.

VMware KB Article for vSphere 5 Patch Release 9-13



You might like to tidy up the first two bullet points - although the idea of  "sing ESXi with EMC" tickles the funny bone.

Thanks for the info.

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