Step by Step Guide to P2V Windows 2000 server Service pack 4

Step by Step Guide to P2V Windows 2000 server Service pack 4

1. Download the sysprep tool for 2000

2. verify the server has 2000 SP4 and update rool up 1  SP4 download   Update roll up 1

3. Stop and Disable all major services / apps temporary, Anti virus , SQL , Exchange , As well use msconfig and disable all the un-necessary services

3 1. Verify we don't have any storage disk connected  with the FC adapter

4. Downloaded the 4.0.1 Vmware standalone convertor

5. intall the agent on the server manually from the set up
C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware vCenter Converter Standalone\vmware-converter-agent.exe

6. Network Configuration details should be captured , IP , MAC ,

7.  start the convertor manually seetings as follows

7.a CPU as it is on Physical server
7.b the Disk controller supported in 2000 is BusLogic SCSI. we can choose manually , or change this once the Vm is converted , and add the new disk and point it to the exisisting one
7.c No vmware tools , We will install in after powering on the server
7.d DOnt not power on

8.  after the conversion is completed
we can have the Vmware tools configuered
Networking configuered
Re-enable the services
Clean up and sanity checks

9. In case if you end up having an error if the virtual machine is powered on for IDE, just create a new disk and use the existing Vmdk form the datastore

Thanks and Regards,

Nithyanathan R


The 4.0.1 Vmware standalone convertor is no longer available. Where can I get it?

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