Part 2: SAP on VMware: Why Virtualize

Part 2: SAP on VMware: Why Virtualize

I believe, after reading Part 1, why choose x86 for SAP ( it would be clear that x86 is the way going forward for all your business critical applications. Now in Part 2, lets understand why virtualize SAP on VMware for your critical SAP environment.

  1. SAVE MONEY!!! Decrease SAP datacenter costs for space, energy, cooling, hardware, and labor. This will help to achieve ROI much faster.
  2. Increase SLA for SAP setup: Increase availability, reliability & efficiency of all environments. You can increase uptime during planned maintenance.
  3. Cost-effective and Efficient disaster recovery: VMware’s DR solution make things so easy that anyone in the organization can do a DR. Please refer for more details.
  4. Faster Time To Market: Quickly deploy new SAP solutions-based environments for development and test drastically reducing provisioning time. Upgrade safely to the latest SAP solutions and simplify the transition to new environments.
  5. Align SAP resources with business priorities: Now IT will be more focused towards the business deliverables keeping IT issues aside.
  6. More advantages for why to choose VMware can be looked at

All this is fine, lets understand the relation between SAP and VMware

  1. VMware is a charter member of the SAP Enterprise Virtualization Community.
  2. VMware is one of a very limited number of SAP Global Technology Partners.
  3. vSphere is the virtualization platform supported by SAP across both Linux and Windows for all environments, including production.
  4. More details at .

You may worry about performance of SAP On VMware, here you go Refer this whitepaper and this will tell you that it actually delivers upto 99% of native performance.

If you still want to know more about VMware and SAP collaboration, please refer and this will tell you why you should not hesitate to virtualize SAP on VMware.

More pointers available at


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