Part 1: SAP on VMware: Why choose x86?

Part 1: SAP on VMware: Why choose x86?

Using SAP on VMware is no more a myth or risky but a reality. There are good number of customers who had not only virtualized their SAP test/Dev but also their production SAP on VMware’s reliable platform.

To understand all the aspects better, let me break this post into various parts.

This part 1 will talk about the typical challenges customers faces while if they use non-x86 or don’t virtualize their SAP.

Battle between x86 & non-x86

Customers have started looking at x86 servers v/s non-x86 (SUN SPARC / HP-UX / IBM-AIX) for the obvious benefits as below

Some of the driving factors are

  1. No Vendor Lock-in: When it comes to x86 world, there is no vendor lock-in as you can use any vendor and any make and model as per your requirements.
  2. Lower hardware & maintenance costs: x86 servers are far better than cheaper than non-x86 servers. This also includes the ongoing annual maintenance costs (AMC) as well.
  3. Better performance: Some of the models of x86 servers can actually out-perform the non-x86 servers in various forms.Please access the URL which will give insight about the same. will put more light on how intel is changing the face of the server industry
  4. Choice of OS: You have choice of using any OS of your choice and not forced to choose a specific OS. See the operating system trend at
  5. Disaster Recovery: You can use any type of hardware, make and model when it comes to disaster recovery (DR). You don’t need to maintain hardware from same vendor.
  6. Unprecedented scalability: You can now scale the x86 servers the way you want, TB’s of RAM’s , more than 64 cores etc is very much possible/available in x86 environment.
  7. Support from Implementation Vendor: If you check with your implementation vendor/partner, you will find they that almost all of them can certify/support implementation of SAP on x86 environment. The same is the case if you are thinking about migrating from non-x86 to x86 world.

Along with above mentioned reasons, other reasons also includes scope for further cost reduction using VMware virtualization.

Gartner has clearly indicated that RISC/Itanium Unix servers continued to decline at 4.5 percent … Please refer more details.

SAP, themselves has recommended x86 for their customers. They mentioned “if a workload requires 10 IBM Power 740 3.55GHz cores, it would require 26 BL460c G7 cores.  This contrasts to the per core estimated SAPS based on the 2-tier benchmark which suggests just that the Power 740 would have been just 1.4 time the performance per core….” More details at

In short, x86 delivers compelling total cost of ownership (TCO) while considering SAP on x86 environment.

SAVE $$$ if you want to :)  :)  :) ..



About your #3 point :  new POWER8 is more than twice better performance per core than latest Xeon E5v2 and E7v2  according to SAP SD 2-tier results 😉

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