My thoughts on VCDX certification - Part 2

My thoughts on VCDX certification - Part 2

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Who want to be a VCDX?

On some post there is written: “VCDX credential is an advanced certification that was developed for design architects of VMware enterprise deployments and may be aimed more directly at people who want to become (or who are already working as) VMware Authorized Consultants, or VACs.”

True, but I think that the target people are not only VACs (note that VAC is no more available in the new VMware Partner Program…). Also individual VCP that are involved in the design and implementation of virtual infrastructures can reach VCDX.

IMHO, if you have a long experience (more than 4-5 years) on this field, VCDX (or at least VCAP) could be for you.

That’s the target as written on the VMware site: “the program is designed for veteran professionals who want to validate and demonstrate their expertise in VMware virtual infrastructure.”

Why become a VCDX?

This is an interesting question, and I do not find answers on the blogs (but I not searched too much).

I can say why I tried to become a VCDX:

  • It was an interesting challenge to test my knowledge (especially the for Admin exam).

  • It was an opportunity to study and apply best practices, tips, suggestions, … (for the design and the application part).

  • It was a way to “match against” other people… people with more experience and knowledge than me (for the defense part).

  • There are some advantages of be a VCDX (see the pro section later)…

What you could not expect after a VCDX certification?

  • It is not a way to have a new job: although some VCDXs were hired by VMware… this is not implicit. Most company even does not know what VCDX means...

  • Increase your potential for career advancement: maybe… but you cannot take VCDX and hope that your career goes better…

  • Enables partners to distinguish themselves: VCDX is a individual certification and it is not related the partner’s certification…It distinguish the people, more than the company.

  • Free license: VCP certification give a Workstation license... VCDX nothing... but this isn’t a big problem…If you work for a VMware Partner you can have access to NFR licenses.

Pro and cons of VCDX path

Let’s start from the cons:

  • The path require a lot of time: this is resolved only in the VCDX4 path, because step 2 and 3 give individual VCAP certification…So is still long but you reach more certifications…

  • It requires a lot of interactions with VMware (the Certification team) with some delays: this was true at the beginning, now it seems a little simpler on this point (note that VCAP-DCA must scheduled from VMware, but the way is more easy now).

  • It’s only in English: ok… this could be not a problem for most people… And is not a test on your English knowledge… but you must know it, speak it and understand it.

  • It could be expensive: ok… this really depends compared to which kind of certification… It is cheaper than Microsoft Master Certification (for example)… but it is expensive than a MCITP certification (but the level of VCDX is near MCM and MCA…)

  • Testing centers for Admin and Design exam are smaller than for VCP exam: this could be a big limitation for most people that are not so lucky to live near an “official VUE” center, because in most case you have to plan a long trip to take an exam. With VCDX4 and VCAP more testing centers will be available (the list is available on VCAP-DCA site: ) and more will be opened in the future. For the VCAP-DCD exam (not yet available) could be that the testing centers will be the same of VCP (but this is only a "rumors").

  • Travel could be expensive: There are some travels to do for the two exams (or more if you do not pass them at first attemp) and for the defense... My personal solution was to take this travels as an opportunity to see new (for me) places: like Cannes, Madrid and Las Vegas.

But there are also some pro (as also written in the VCDX web site):

  • Be part of an “elite group”: it really nice. For example people ask for your opinion more than before… Also from VMware…

  • For the first 50 VCDX (but maybe more?!) there is an amazing jacket,,, very nice and very cool! There was also an official event at VMworld USA, unfortunately I was not able to attend to it Smiley Sad

  • Welcome kit: with VCDX Plaque, VCDX logo wear (two shirts) and a additional printed certificate…

  • Profile featured in the VCDX Directory on

  • On Nov 2010 a private mailing list is avaible for all VCDXs. There are also a Linkedin group ( and a twitter list (DuncanYB/vcdx)

  • Get invitation to participate in beta classes and exams: this is very useful!

  • Press release support: true, you will have support on this

  • Use of “VMware Certified Design Expert” logo on business cards and websites

  • Discounted admission to VMworld: I’ve not notice yet… maybe because there is this the early bid discount of VMworld.

  • recognition in the industry: this is not really true…In my country for example, most of my customers does not know what is VCDX

Read more in Part 3…


Post changes are related to the new list of available testing center from VCAP exams... I've talk with Jon Hall during VMworld Europe 2010 and he told that list will grow in next months... hope also that the number of countries will grow Smiley Happy

And actually the number of supported testing center is growing (the list seems to change each 2 weeks).

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For the list of VCAP-DCA testing centers see:

Testing centers marked with "Coming soon" usually become available in less than one month (but I've checked only few centers)


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