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Special Interest Groups within the Council

It seems time to refine the council a bit to make it more valuable for members and the product managers. Some of the product managers would like their own council, so to speak. To be able to set expectations for time commitments and to keep a high level of activity in these special interest groups, we thought about creating a group for a set time period, during the planning and development of a specific product for example. When the product roles out or the project is completed the special interest group would disband. All members would still be part of the larger council for the 1-2 year time frame.

Currently a product manager has approached me for a special interest group around SRM.

A product marketing manager would like to have quarterly discussions around Remote Office Branch Office (ROBO).

One or two of you, the members have suggested special interest group discussions by a vertical, such as retail. While I can invite VMware people to listen in, VMware currently does not have too many owners of a vertical solution. I would be happy to manage a couple of vertical groups if you feel that a conversation between council members from a like vertical would be of value to you.

For all of these groups, membership to the council would be a requirement. This would mean that all would be under NDA, nominated by a VMware person, selected by a governing group at VMware and would have agreed to regularly participate in council activities for a set period of time.

Please let me know your thoughts by responding to this blog, the discussion, or by emailing me directly at jkrahulec@vmware.com.

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