Open Engagement - QA support in migration project

In Q1/2012 the University Hospital und Clinics Leipzig will run a challenging migration project. We will need to move all our VMs to a new storage array and finally we'll do an SRM fail over and fail back.

Short description of our DC landscape:

- two redundant datacenters

- two block storage arrays (will be replaced in this project)

- redundant network connectivity / routing / switching

- 21 ESX hosts

- 500+ VMs (~150 VMs being protected by SRM)

- vSphere 4.1 => 5.0

- SRM 4.1 => 5.0

We are looking for a storage specialist who is familiar with technologies and underlaying architectural concepts of VMware vSphere, SRM and block storage in general. We'll specify more detailed information regarding storage offline if you are interested. The job is to do a parallel quality assurance of the migration concept and the migration tasks including the fail over and fail back. Most of the work can be done from remote. Onsite work will be limited to max. 4 days.

You have to be a vendor independant consultant!

If you are interested in this engagement please drop me a private message with expressive information about projects you've done in the past. I will contact you and provide more details.

Best regards,


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