MVP on LG Revolution

It's been a while since we posted a demo of our Mobile Virtualization Platform.  Below you will see the latest version of MVP in action on an LG Revolution device.  The Revolution is LG’s first LTE phone on the Verizon Wireless network and is quite a fancy device.


The key features in the video are:

  • Switching between home and work phones is as easy as clicking on an application.
  • The work phone allows you to run any Android application and we highlight a few of our partner applications, including Swype and Wyse.  Consequently, you can do more than just work emails on your personal device - you can actually use all your work applications.
  • We show the integrated notification mechanism whereby notifications from both phones are accessible in the same location and we automatically switch you to the right phone when you select a notification.

The MVP team is quite excited about VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas.  Check out this page for more announcements next week.  If you are at VMworld, be sure to visit us in the EUC section of the VMware booth and the breakout session (EUC 2956 on Tuesday at 12 noon).

We are also very excited about LG being a platinum sponsor at VMworld 2011.  You can visit their booth to see how they are leveraging VMware technologies to make their devices more enterprise-ready.  They have some cool demos planned.

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