20161110 AirWatch Education Services – Updates

Updated Survey Flow

  • To perform the survey, students will need to be marked as attended the class in myLearn and provided details to access the survey:
    • Log into myLearn and navigate to myPortals > myLearn Administration Portal (Administer). Navigate to Teach > Current Assignments, select Properties next to course.
    • Next each student that attended the course, change the “X” to a green checkmark. The change will save automatically if you navigate away from the page (Chrome Browser). Other browsers may require save to be selected.


  • Once this is done, select Properties, navigate to the Resources section and select Generate Passcode. This will allow the student to access the survey with the passcode listed rather than have them sign in with their myLearn credentials which they may not know.
  • Download the Roster, by selecting Roster Export (excel). Open it and hide all the columns except for the Registrant ID and Last Name.


  • Edit the Next Steps deck, where you replace the “instructor provided” Class ID with the Class ID for the class you are finishing up, and replace “Existing User Login” with “Registration ID (Provided by the instructor) & Passcode (XXXXX)”. XXXXX = Passcode create in myLearn for the class. For 9.0, these decks will be updated with this new flow.


  • Now show the Next Steps deck and the Roster (excel document) with their Registration Numbers so they can complete the survey in the class. If you have a Bootcamp and AW-INTEG ending on the same day, then this process would be done for both groups of students.

It’s suggested to mark the students as attended during lunch or the last break, so they don’t have to wait for this to be done at the end of the training. There is a survey for each course they complete, such as AW-MANAGE, AW-INTEG, AW-ONPREM, etc...

Training Plans for non-active AirWatch Customer/Partners to Enable Exams & Accreditations Certificates for Download

If you have a student who is not an active AirWatch Customer/Partner they will take the exams in myLearn via their myTranscript section. The exam and accreditation will only show up if they Subscribe to the respective training plan(s). The URL(s) will need to be sent to them so they can click on the Subscribe button(s). Since this student demographic makes up less than 1% of our students, this is not added to our Accreditation Exam documentation in the Study Kits to avoid confusion.

VMware AirWatch Associate Accreditation: Enterprise Mobility

VMware AirWatch Professional Accreditation: Enterprise Mobility

VMware AirWatch Expert Accreditation: Enterprise Mobility

VMware AirWatch K12 Education Accreditation: Enterprise Mobility

IMPORTANT: Only active AirWatch Customer/Partners have access to myAirWatch Academy/Resources. Be careful with stating everyone will be granted access to myAirWatch, since this is gated by VMware AirWatch since the account has signed contacts/NDAs. As a partner, they must have professional tier status, where they sell $$$ of VMware products/services each year. Just creating a VMware Partner ID will not grant access, since the pro tier is required. 

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