20161108 AirWatch Education Services – Update

Internal edu_test.ipa will no Longer be Utilized in Training for 9.0+ Classes

For 9.0+, we have determined that we will no longer update the edu_test.ipa or any other iOS internal app, since AirWatch Education Services does not internally support the development of iOS applications nor do we participate in the Apple Developer Enterprise Program. Additionally, relying on other teams to do this for us has historically not worked well and has created huge delays for apps to be updated. Hence, the edu_test.ipa will be removed from the Academic Success Kit once we are teaching on the 9.0 platform.

For training purposes, instructors will demo the upload of the internal Android app from the Academic Success Kit, since there are no developer files which need yearly maintenance. Individuals with their own .ipa files are free to upload them to the console to see this flow. The workbook will be changed to an Android flow with special notes for iOS.

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