20161012 AirWatch Education Services – Issues and Update

CRE Server Went Offline / Decks not Available for Viewing via Browser

The CRE Server went offline at the start of last week, but since our whole team was heads down with Connect, we did not have the time to fix the issue until yesterday. Adam had to re-build the whole CRE server and address a cert issue. All watermarked decks and kits have been re-loaded. If you have a student complaining they can’t view the decks from a past class, please have them re-download either kit from their class which has updated links.

AW EDU TEST.ipa is Expiring in 6 days

We are aware of this and working with development to get the app re-signed with an updated provisioning profile and added to the respective kits ASAP.

Macs Untrusted When Connected to

If you have students using Macs, and appears as untrusted in whatever browser they are using, you will have to have them “fix” this before proceeding, as opening VMs will not work on that untrusted connection. This came up at Connect, and Tran just had it happen to a student, so in case this comes up again (it probably will), this is how to fix the issue:

  • Click the icon next to https that indicates “bad things.” In Chrome, this is a red exclamation point
    • Click on the button that says “Show Certificate” or “Certificate Information”
      • Drag the image of the certificate to the Desktop or a Downloads folder
      • Click the certificate file (.cer) to open up the Keychain utility (user will be prompted for his or her password)
      • Add the certificate to the System keychain
      • In the system keychain, do a Get Info (right click equivalent on Mac), expand “Trust” and change “when using this certificate” to “Always Trust”
        • Reload

Here’s a few links that provide more information. Slightly different processes, but the idea is the same:

At this time, I only know this is happening on some Macs. It has not been determined “why” yet, buy if a student complains about trusting this cert, just show it comes up fine in your browser to demonstrate the problem is on their Mac, and tell them they can un-trust it after the class. Additionally, as always, ensure they are disconnected from any VPNs and / or proxies.

SDK Program is Loaded!

Since we have our first open enrollment class for SDK this week, the program was loaded yesterday to the community. This include email comms in myLearn. At this time, only Ivan Ramirez can teach the course since he’s spent countless hours with the AirWatch App/SDK to learn how to use our SDK for iOS and Android and has a strong background in App development.

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