20160926 AirWatch Education Services – Update and Reminder

Instructor Handbook and Checklist Updates

  • APJ sign in sheets to be sent to not
  • Updated Robert Thompson as NAM (interim) lead for instructor follow-up in region, since Jordan Lindgren has left VMware
  • Removed Windows 10 as “possible” specialty track; will be reviewed for 2017
  • Updated Appendix F: Content Loading Assignments to reflect current OG setup, which includes removal of TP/TCP references, addition of AW-FNTDTS/AW-VIDM courses, and VIDM demo at Demos OG for TRAIN.
  • Updates WADS to reflect the new domain. TRAIN, TRAIN2 and TRAIN3 are tested and working, TRAIN2, and TRAIN3 are in progress.

Email domains for enrollment:

  • TRAIN:
  • TRAIN2:
  • TRAIN3:

Training Environments Reminder

Please DO NOT configure anything at Global/TRAIN# or OGs that are above your student seat, since it could affect other training sessions. You can shows configs, but don’t commit to save

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