20160915 AirWatch Education Services – Issue

AirWatch Tunnel Issue

It was reported that after running sudo ./AirWatchTunnel.bin, it resulted in an error that looked something like the installer failed to find a required package specifically calling out nscd and suggesting you run yum install nscd.


  • If ACC-CONTENT can’t ping, try bouncing the network adapter
  • There’s something in the Tunnel installer script that installs missing dependencies, which is great if the Internet is available. Turns out, it wasn’t in this case, and DNS lookups to the outside world were failing. To address in this case, the Education edge gateway was re-loaded, and this appears to have fixed the problem. You can do things like ping -c 3 and run the tunnel installer if this issue persists.

If the issues presents additional errors or details, please inform Adam with details.

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