20160909 AirWatch Education Services - Program Update (September 2016)

Below are the core updates covered during the session. Please refer to the attached deck, with a link to the video recording, and the document for more details:

Program Updates

  • TTT Review Sessions = Monthly Training Program Update
    • Meeting name change
    • Held every month on Friday at 7:30AM EST
    • Deck and supporting docs add to blog and sent to instructors with recording after completion
  • Operational Process Update Effective Immediately
  • VMware EDU WebEx Change
      • A couple weeks ago all VMware EDU WebEx accounts were updated
        • Instructors should log into their account and verify access and creating a class is not affected. Contact Kirk Lacewell directly if you have any questions or issues
  • Review Training Updates and Issue / Blog
    • Mark students as attended to complete survey in class; we should be seeing higher survey results
    • WADS is currently offline due to migration to vCloud Air in April 2016 pending…
    • Adam is building a working demo of VIDM in TRAIN

AirWatch Updates

  • Apple announces September 13th release date for iOS 10
    • Ensure students update ALL AirWatch apps to ensure they are on iOS 10 compatible versions.  If they do not update their applications, their devices will be flagged as compromised and may be wiped or unenrolled.
      • Instructors ensure this is done on your iOS devices
    • Update any applications utilizing AirWatch SDK to utilize the version of the AirWatch SDK.
    • Re-wrap any wrapped apps using the new App Wrapping Engine 5.1. 
  • My Company tool in myAirWatch
  • Remember to sign up for Product Announcements and Known Issues in myAW

VMworld and Connect Updates

  • VMworld Updates – Las Vegas
    • No Bootcamp training beforehand; cancelled due to low enrollment
    • VCI Day (Andy and Tran attended)
    • Andy taught vIDM module twice in Education Services Lounge
      • Andy presented his deck from his attendance of the event
  • VMworld Updates – Barcelona
    • Bootcamp planned for before the event; Mate to teach
    • VCI Day (Andy to attend)
    • Andy to teach vIDM module twice in Education Services Lounge
  • Connect Updates – Atlanta
    • Registration numbers are good, but need more enrollments. Numbers calculated on 9/07.
    • Workshops are $825 each. Also offering $99 re-accreditation for EMA/EMP.
    • Sixteen students attending Sunday and Thursday; double accreditation dip
    • Team will staff Info Desk and Booth, plus present a road map/customer training success session

VCI-AW Updates

  • Recap of NAM Pilot and EMEA Beta
  • APJ/APAC Beta: (Mark/Pavan – Singapore) 
    • Completed 08/26; Sho Hirabayashi (VMware), Simon Sung (Kenfil), Prasanthlal Prabhakaran and Teresa Ang (IVT System) and Amey Birjee (Koenig Solutions)
  • LATAM Beta:
    • (2) Spanish/Portuguese/English speakers, (2) Portuguese/English speakers, (1) Spanish/English, (1) German/English speaker.
    • Beta ICW set for November 21st – 24th (Mark/Jordan/Ivan* – Atlanta)

Content Updates

  • SDK 4hr ILT Agenda – Live; will be loaded to the community soon
  • Based on APAC/APJ ICW, decks were updated; refer to attached doc for changes. Decks have been loaded to community.
    • Instructors should downloaded the latest materials for delivery
  • VMware Identity Manager module for AW-INTEG is re-vamped with AW / VMw technical configurations
    • Adam to building a working vIDM demo in TRAIN. Once ready, the new deck will be loaded to community for delivery for AW-INTEG. September 2016 EDU Services Webcast will be used as a TTT for prep. coming soon!
  • Recap of Cherry
  • Roadmap for Dragon Fruit
    • Focus on new UI/console portal, Workspace ONE, and other planned updates
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