20160817 AirWatch Education Services – Update and Process Change

Operational Process Update Effective Immediately

Sign-in sheets for APJ and EMEA instructors will now be sent to their regional VMw Edu Ops teams.

The reason for this update is that we are now being supported by regional offshore teams for a variety of myLearn tasks including closing courses. AMER instructors will continue to send their sign-in sheets to

Process Change

Starting today, all program, content, delivery, sales updates that would normally be send out from me, will now be sent out at the start of the month after the Monthly Training Program Update meeting. Any updates will still be added to the blog and the issue doc that is sent out on the Wednesday before delivery for assigned instructors.

Instead of a TTT review sessions, this will be changed to a Monthly Training Program Update meeting which will be conducted once a month at 7:30AM EST for all geos to attend. A video recording will be sent out with the deck and a change list of all the updates.

The scope of the Monthly Training Program Update meeting will be the same as the TTT review sessions, however if there isn’t enough time to cover a new TTT flow, an additional meeting may be setup.

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