20160813 AirWatch Education Services – Updates

Update: Planned VMware EDU WebEx Change -  8/26 PST

On the evening of 8/26, Pacific Time, the VMware EDU WebEx provider is being switched. Overall, this should not be a major change, but there are some points you need to keep in mind:

  • Any session provisioned prior to the evening of 8/26 will disappear and must be recreated AFTER the change. If you have a class assigned for the week of 8/29 or later you will have to create that session after the switchover.
  • The dial-in numbers we will use will all change. These numbers will be shown when the users connect to any session after the switchover.
  • The new WebEx site will be using the newest version of the WebEx platform, therefore you will see the “Updating WebEx” message the first time you log in to the new site.
  • Everything else will remain same as before- URL (, username and password.
  • Please contact Kirk Lacewell directly if you have any questions.

Update: 8.4 Agenda, Decks and Workbook Updates

Based on the Bootcamp course going through a delivery audit this week, and an update to all the Next Steps decks, to reflect all Program Offerings and our Road Map, the following decks were updated and loaded to the community. In addition, two agendas and the vApp workbook had some minor fixes applied. Attached is comprehensive list of all the changes. Please ensure you have downloaded the latest materials for delivery from the community.

NOTE: The VMware Identity Manager deck for AW-INTEG is being reviewed to reduce the marketing focus which will be replaced with some technical install aspects, as well as a demo with script.

  • VMware AirWatch Mobility - Configure and Deploy Integrated Solutions (AW-INTEG) - 2-Day ILT Agenda & VMware AirWatch Mobility - Bootcamp (AW-BTCMP) - 4-Day ILT Agenda
  • VMware AirWatch Mobility - vApp ILT Workbook (AW-INTEG)
  • All Next Steps Decks
  • Introduction to AirWatch (AW-MANAGE): also affects K12
  • Mobile Device Management Fundamentals - Part 1 (AW-MANAGE): also affects K12 and FNDTS
  • Mobile Device Management Fundamentals - Part 2 (AW-MANAGE): also affects K12 and FNDTS
  • Mobile Content Management Fundamentals (AW-MANAGE): also affects K12
  • Windows 10 (AW-MANAGE)
  • AirWatch Tunnel (AW-INTEG)
  • AirWatch Content Gateway (AW-INTEG)
  • AirWatch Content Locker Advanced (AW-INTEG)

Update: EUC Partner GTM MSA Order & Veracode Update

Veracode is no longer a member of the Mobile Security Alliance. The Q1 2017 AirWatch Documentation Update will reflect the change and fully remove Veracode from the AirWatch Integration with App Scan Services Documentation. Veracode assets in myAirWatch and AirWatch Marketplace will be removed. If students ask about App reputation, refer them to other vendors.

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