20160805 AirWatch Education Services - Updates & Reminder

Update: 8.4 AW-FNDTS and AW-VIDMAN Programs are Live!

    • A TTT plan for AW-VIDMANAW-RUGGED.
  • AW-SDK will be loaded one the content team finalizes the materials. A TTT plan is similar to the above.

Update: Refined Email Templates (myLearn & Manual)

  • Updated banner to point to VMware EDU portal with AirWatch offerings
  • Added note to suggest the student to bring a tablet to view the workbook(s)
  • Beefed up the Continue Your Learning
  • Removed requirement to bring two iPads for K12, since the Teacher Tools lab was removed
  • Cleaned up all manual Outlook templates, specifically ones for WebEx:
    • Consolidated Course Confirmation area
    • Added red font to items the instructor would populate
    • Updated readme notes on how and when to use manual Outlook templates
  • All manual Outlook templates have been uploaded the community for download

Reminder: Instructor Responsibilities (Preparation/Follow-up Messages, WebEx Creation & Exams)

Based on past training, a student was never sent a preparation email for a LOL session, which meant they didn’t know what to bring to the class. They didn’t bring a device and couldn’t see the end results of the labs. This lead to complaint, which triggered a free credit for him to attend the course again for free.

To address, the flow was reviewed and was made as simple as possible, so instructors know who does what, if a course overlaps with another instructor. We are also looking at other ways to ensure students know the pre-reqs for our courses, such as educating sales teams, and adding this info to the classes in VMware EDU portal/myLearn as a download link.

Process Flow

  • Whoever is starting the training, sends out the preparation message and creates the WebEx. For a Bootcamp, the instructor would build the WebEx for both CM and CDIS and also make the CDIS teacher an instructor; alternate host. The CDIS instructor should be bcc’d on the preparation message for the Bootcamp for visibility.
  • Whoever is starting the training, enters the Host ID and Password in myLearn. If an alternate instructor is teaching CDIS of a Bootcamp, they would enter the Host ID and Password for their session, since the starting instructor cannot access this session in myLearn. This info should be pulled from email when the WebEx invite is created and the alternate instructor is added a presenter; alternate host.
  • Whoever finishes the training, is responsible to get the exams enabled and sends out the follow-up message from myLearn.
  • All flows have been added to the Instructor’s HandbookTraining Delivery Checklist; attached and loaded to the community.

Example Flow Situation

Instructor A: Assigned to CM and Bootcamp (CM part)

Instructor B : Assigned to CDIS and Bootcamp (CDIS part)

3 business days before delivery

  • Instructor A: Creates WebEx for Bootcamp; the same one will be used for CM, CDIS and Bootcamp*. Sends students preparation message (via Outlook email template) for CM and Bootcamp using single WebEx info; ensures dates are correct for each email. Instructor B is bcc’d with other students. Updates CM and Bootcamp in myLearn with Host ID and Password.
  • Instructor B: Updates CDIS in myLearn with Host ID and Password, which is pulled from bcc’d email. Sends students preparation message (via Outlook email template) for CDIS; ensures dates are correct.

*If a CM student rejoins the WebEx for CDIS, Instructor B would confirm payment in myLearn and allow or drop the student based on status. Instructor B has to send the roster to VMware EDU ops for CDIS, so attendance has to be verified anyway. Also, It’s easier to create one WebEx than trying to create multiple, plus the Bootcamp host ID and Password only allows for one entry. If the instructor opted to change it at the end of Day 2, this step could be forgotten. Lastly, this model supports a consolidated (updated) preparation email.

Day training finishes

  • Instructor A: Enables exams in SF for CM; If non-AW instructor, sends roster to Once exams are enabled, sends students follow-up message (via myLearn template) for CM.
  • Instructor B: Enables exams in SF for CDIS and Bootcamp; if non-AW instructor, sends roster to Once exams are enabled, sends students follow-up message (via myLearn template) for CDIS and Bootcamp.
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