USB redirection RHEL 7.5 and Agent 7.6


today I tried horizon agent 7.6 on Linux, without any useful results.

The situation has not improved since Horizon Agent 7.4 (Januar 2018)

- USB redirection does not work

- Smartcard does not work

usb redirection on RHEL 7.4  [1]

state of smartcard support on Linux (RHEL 7.5)

After installing the vhci modules [1] I can confirm that the windows client works fine. (USB redirect, Smartcard works)

I tried to figure out, why it does not work with Linux.

After starting /etc/rc.d/init.d/vmware-USBArbitrator, it looks to me that  some component is missing?

Can someone confirm, that USB redirection is not available for linux clients?

VMware Knowledge Base

"This issue occurs because USB Redirection functionality for the Linux View Client is an additional download available to thin client partners only."

"This functionality is not available for the public version of the VMware Horizon View Client for Linux."



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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Linux VDI supports USB redirection in RHEL7.x, but not smart card yet.

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