Horizon Client for Linux 2012: vmware-remotemks hangs indefinitely after disconnecting from Win VDI

I updated from 2006 to 2012 Horizon Client for Linux and the application started hanging indefinitely upon disconnecting (top bar -> Connection -> Disconnect). Attaching gdb to the vmware-remotemks process to get a backtrace yields the following:

(gdb) where
#0  0x00007f6a78d746c2 in pthread_cond_wait@@GLIBC_2.3.2 () from /lib64/
#1  0x00007f6a78c4d980 in std::condition_variable::wait(std::unique_lock&) () from /lib64/
#2  0x00007f6a75594b53 in VMEvent::Wait (this=this@entry=0x55c2e7d57148, msTimeout=msTimeout@entry=4294967295)
    at bora/apps/rde/rdeLibs/posix/VMEvent.cpp:578
#3  0x00007f6a7553455b in VCTransportMsg::WaitForCompletion (this=0x55c2e7d57070, msTimeout=msTimeout@entry=-1)
    at bora/apps/rde/rdpvcbridge/common/vcTransportMsg.cpp:249
#4  0x00007f6a75537bb9 in VCTransport::PostLocalMessage (this=0x7f6a34004300, vcMsg=..., 
    processOnClientThread=processOnClientThread@entry=true) at bora/apps/rde/rdpvcbridge/common/vcTransport.cpp:1612
#5  0x00007f6a7556c254 in VCClient::Terminate (this=this@entry=0x7f6a34003470)
    at bora/apps/rde/rdpvcbridge/client/vcClient.cpp:1423
#6  0x00007f6a75533dc5 in VVC_Stop (reserved=, clientData=0x7f6a34003470)
    at bora/apps/rde/rdpvcbridge/dll/vdp_rdpvcbridge.cpp:996
#7  0x000055c2e667dee7 in ShutdownPlugins () at bora/lib/vvclib/pluginLoaderHelper.c:397
#8  0x000055c2e6673757 in VVCLDR_Shutdown () at bora/lib/vvclib/vvcldr.c:143
#9  0x000055c2e66611bd in VVCLIB_Uninit (instanceHandle=instanceHandle@entry=0x6846be90)
    at bora/lib/vvclib/vvclib.c:8425
#10 0x000055c2e653571e in BlastSocketClientUninitVvc (vvcInstanceHandle=vvcInstanceHandle@entry=0x6846be90)
    at bora/lib/blastSockets/blastSocketClientVvc.c:212
#11 0x000055c2e6532d99 in BlastSocketClientContextMapIterateCb (key=, data=, 
    userData=0x55c2e7d532c0) at bora/lib/blastSockets/blastSocketClient.c:5474
#12 0x000055c2e654ecd4 in HashMap_Iterate (map=0x55c2e73b4730, 
    itFn=itFn@entry=0x55c2e6532cf0 , clear=clear@entry=0 '\000', 
    userData=0x55c2e7d532c0) at bora/lib/hashMap/hashMap.c:985
#13 0x000055c2e6531a15 in BlastSocketClientDestroyMainClientInstance ()
    at bora/lib/blastSockets/blastSocketClient.c:5388
#14 0x000055c2e6531b4b in BlastSocket_Uninit () at bora/lib/blastSockets/blastSocketClient.c:587
#15 0x000055c2e6504661 in VNCClientView_Stop () at bora/apps/rde/viewClient/vncClientView.c:231
#16 0x000055c2e64e621e in ViewClientProtocolPowerOff () at bora/apps/rde/viewClient/viewClient.c:1934
#17 main (argc=34, argv=) at bora/apps/rde/viewClient/viewClient.c:2714

Any ideas?

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We are also seeing this behavior with the 2006 Horizon client version.  We run HP thin clients and utilize their HP software to relaunched disconnected sessions.  Because the vmware-remotemk process hangs and the OS reports a PID, the HP software believes the session is still active an never re-launches the session.


HP t520/t430/t530 thin clients running ThinPro 7.1 with a combination of service packs 4.2 - 11.5.

VMware Horizon 7.10.3 ESB

Windows 10 1909 Guest OS'


Thanks for confirmation. I'm having this issue in 2103 as well. It looks like a bug introduced with 2012.

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